I am profoundly grateful.

First of all, to David Levi Strauss; when accepted me to the Art Writing program he changed my life forever.

My wonderful advisor Dejan Lukic understood my ideas more swiftly and profoundly than I did. Jennifer Krasinski helped me more that she can imagine with her graceful comments and editing.

My beloved classmates Alice, Ann, Danny, dj, Emma, Hakim, Jonelle, Nahid, Rula, and Zi… without their generous, sincere feedback I would be lost. I will never forget their guidance and friendship.

Alice Sparberg Alexiou, who in a busy schedule found the time and effort to give me thoughtful, fair comments, and edit my paper.

All my friends back home—they have been a huge help, even if we have thousands of miles between us. My lovely cats both in Istanbul and New York, Minnos and Marcello, for the utmost emotional and furry support.

Most of all my loving, dearest family: my mother Gul, father Mehmet, sister Ayse, and her significant other Alex; who without hesitation encouraged me to follow my New York dream and have been my ultimate support at all times. I can’t thank enough for their help and love.

And finally, my husband Darby. He believes in me and I have no idea why, but I’m so grateful that he does. His support during the rethinking and editing process of 2020, along with all its ups and downs, was irreplaceable.

Thank you. Thank you for letting me dive deeper.